For many years I was clueless about beauty. My mother told me that she didn’t know how to apply her own makeup, hence why she could’t teach me. My experiences started with  bad personal judgement using too much black eyeliner while sporting a middle part (just a reminder I have a window’s peak and multiple natural cowlicks along my hairline).  I was told to wash my face to get rid of acne, but never quite conveyed the techniques of how or with what products.

In middle school and high school I relied on youtube to help me, which wasn’t always helpful, considering I was making up my face with the wrong shades and for events such as the Red Carpet.

Today I sport a more natural look. I wear powder, mascara, and lipgloss. If I go out I add a couple extra steps with the rare risk, but I am usually pretty consistent. I have learned amazing tips of how to take care of myself beyond the minimums of personal hygiene, elevating both my self confidence, and my appearance.


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