Pocket Calendar Notebook Reveal

This pocket Cahier notebook houses my schedule for specific aspects of my life on a convenient monthly planner I created myself. With a quick look I can tell what I am doing in very specific areas of my day-to-day activities. This is convenient for me so I do not have to pull out my large bujo every time I want to add something new to my schedule. It is also good for habit building. As the name suggests, this fits easily into my pocket and the outer pockets of my backpack allowing me to quickly check and update it regularly. I sometimes store it with my pocket notebook for easy access.

Update 7.18.17- I kept up with it really well in the beginning of June, but once I started filling my time with life it became harder to keep track of. It is really convenient for me to see all of my posts for this blog in one calendar with no competing distractions so I might consider keeping one for just my posts. I am toying with the idea of scrapping the pocket calendar altogether and turning this into a bullet list of to-dos for each season. Reason being: I am tired of writing every event twice. I am also tired of rewriting my task list over and over again in my current format in my large bujo. I would rather write it once (I am considering a Yearly To-Do at the front of the Bujo for long term goals) and then write it under the day in my bujo that the task was completed. Paired with my pocket notebook I would be unstoppable, unless I lost it then I would be totally crippled. Ideas to think about.

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