Two Years Since Undergrad


Two years ago, I had just graduated from Ole Miss. I had accepted a position with the Mississippi Teacher Corps and I was excited to start my two-year graduate school journey into teaching. My boyfriend and I moved into our first apartment together. We had four amazing cats. I was so hopeful and desperate to start my adult life.

I left the program after 7 months. I took an eight month hiatus from school, the longest time I had ever not been a full-time student. I was unable to find consistent work for that period because no one wanted to hire someone full-time that was planning to move to NY by the end of the year or I did not have the right experience.

Looking back: I should have accepted a part-time job at Square Books instead of Insomnia Cookies. I could have become a non-degree seeking student at Ole Miss and taken a couple classes that spring/summer. I could have spent my time creating art, reading, and making my heart full. I don’t regret the decisions I made because they have made me who I am today. I do look on them as learning experiences that will continue to help me develop throughout my adult life. I am sad that I chose to spend so much time feel sorry for myself and allowing others to make me feel small.

I attempted to write young adult, but I am not in that category anymore. I have not been in a while. I am in my mid-20s. This year I am 25. In five years I will be 30. Wow.


I have two amazing cats. I am meeting amazing people from all different walks of life and I hope to keep in touch with them after three years or if I were to ever leave the area. I wear less makeup, and contacts are usually reserved for sports. I don’t buy cheap things just because they are cheap. I have placed less emphasis on things and more emphasis on people and experiences. I have one living grandparent left, and I am not sure if she will make it to my graduation but I am hopeful. I cherish every moment with my family and friends, just in case. I write letters to people when they least expect it and try to be as thoughtful as possible. I am slowly making amends with people I feel I have wronged in the past- if you are one of those (you might not even feel that way) a letter  and apology is headed your way. I am not in the dating game. I am focusing on me. I want to experience the world more by myself, as an individual.

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