Small Things

The final countdown! I just finished my first full year of graduate school. Only 2 more to go. One third of the way there. Four more semesters, 24 more months. Its not like I am counting though.

I am starting to work on a summer documentary series with some classmates for pleasure, I am about to begin some major purging of my home life things, and I am happy I get to give my cats some attention that they truly deserve. Hopefully I will last the summer in NYC without AC.

FullSizeRender 2

{Check out these amazing door stops!}

FullSizeRender 87

{Patron Saint of Satire and Parody.}

FullSizeRender 88

{Happy Kitty present from my friends Kat and Sean from their trip to D.C. Not quite sure how this 5-inch thing came out of a vending machine but I believe them. }

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