Bullet Journal Reveal

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{I only have one bullet journal, but I have many notebooks that help me keep organized.}

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I ditched my traditional planner (sorry Erin Condren!) and am using a bullet journal this season. Based on how well this works for myself and my lifestyle will determine whether or not I will continue the system in 2018. In order to be fair I will not decide until after December 2017 allowing myself a full two seasons to judge about whether or not this is right for me.

Things that I have already found to be highly cathartic about the process include: having thoughtful writings and doodles in one location, increased accountability (something I have been failing at since Spring 2015), and the ability to measure accomplishments no matter how big or small. I am excited to share a video of my summer bullet journal after it is completed, as well as changes the new journal for Fall 2017 will have. The bullet journal I am revealing below will be for Summer 2017 and will include June, July and August.

My biggest inspiration for the design of this bullet journal was due to @xkay_o. Most other trackers and pages are directly inspired/mimicked from other amazing Bujo authors from Instagram and Pinterest.

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{Month Overview: I can fill in with big ticket reminders.}

FullSizeRender 63

{Weekly Overview: The left gives an overview of the week and the right if for ongoing goals and tasks. I included the days leading up to the beginning of the month and any remainder days toward the end.}

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{A-Page-A-Day: I can keep track of daily tasks here as well as detailed plans for the day. The top circle is similar to a chronodex. A chronodex is a time management tool that helps me track what I do at certain hours of the day from 9am till 9pm.}

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{Reflections: At the end of the month I can look back at what I did or did not accomplish and reflect on why. This gives me to opportunity to contemplate myself and make changes for the better.}

Additional Pages I want to add:

Index/Legend/ Title Page/ Three Month Overview/ Trackers/Summer Goals (Personal, Blog, Film)/ Gratitude Entries/Future Log


Trackers that I am considering adding to the back pages:

Financial Tracker

Habit Tracker

Mood Tracker

Media Tracker (TV, film, music, quotes, etc.)

Question for my readers: What are times that you knew you needed a change and decided to dive in?

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