Denim Day 2017


I will be wearing denim on April 26th (this next Wednesday) in honor of sexual violence awareness month. Eighteen years ago an Italian judge overruled a rape conviction due to the tightness of the victim’s pants. The judge believed the jeans were so tight that the victim must have helped take them off, thus implying consent. It should not matter what the victim is wearing in regards to consent and rape is a societal issue, not a women’s issue.

I will be attending class all day so it will not be too out of place wearing denim, but men and women across the United States will be wearing denim to work in lieu of casual and formal business outfits.  Feel free to join me and others by wearing denim not only during our day-to-day activities but also on social media. Please use the hashtag #denimday. Feel free to tag your work, college, fraternity, sorority, and other social organizations. Remember this is about awareness.

To learn more about Denim Day you can visit the official site.

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