Index Update: Book Journal

Last month I revealed that I was going through all my books and writing my memories of them within a book journal (you can read the post here). Since then not only have I catalogued over 60 books but I also customized my index.

FullSizeRender 17 FullSizeRender 16

The paper base is made up of pieces of a replica of a 1908 Sears Catalogue. The letters are stickers I had from a planner set from 2011. Black Acrylic makes up the black rectangles  and I used Metallic Silver Sharpie to write in the numbers.

FullSizeRender 20 FullSizeRender 18 FullSizeRender 19

Before I seal the index with full-page cold press lamination, I will fill in the back sections of the notebook. I have 10 blank square pages to fill, which is where I am considering putting short stories. I also will need to fill in the perforated To-Do pages where I am currently in the works making my Top Ten lists (Top Ten Young Adult Novels, Top Ten Novels of all Time, and Top Ten Dramas of all Time). You will also see that I went nerdy and wrote in textbooks I thought would be useful later down the road i.e. parenting.

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