At a Glance

A monthly series which offers a glance of my world right now.


  1. Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix- Not the best show. It feels like a high-schooler wrote the dialogue (all the characters have the same personality and always agree with each other). The premise is fun though. Great show to have on in the background when you are working on homework or getting ready in the morning.bojack-characters_large
  2. Bojack Horseman, Netflix- I have no idea how I have missed that this show existed. This is great and I constantly question myself about what I am laughing over. Not appropriate for the younger years.                     Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 9.35.24 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-09 at 9.36.35 PM.png
  3. Strand Books and Book Off USA– I mentioned last month that I was downsizing on my book collection, but I didn’t mention where all  the books were going. All of my hardcovers and mint condition soft covers were bought by Strand, a book store that boasts about having 18 miles of shelves of books for sale. They always have events going on upstairs that are perfect for ‘nerds’. All of my softcovers that were in less than mint condition (my lovely marginalia notes, highlights, and bookplates) went to BookOff USA.
  4. Laundry Pick-Up- This was the lifesaver for us this month. Both P and I were working so much that we didn’t have a spare second to head down the street to the laundromat. Instead we opted for a 48 hour turnaround pick-up laundry service. It was really convenient since we were both down to our last of everything. Great for emergencies, but we really cannot afford this all the time.f152265b68f8d90dcf2879e96bb62879
  5. Agatha Christie’s, Cards on the Table- In Murder on the Orient Express Poirot mentioned what he thought was the ‘ideal’ murder challenge to him, and in Cards on the Table Christie delivers that challenge to Poirot. Christie makes it even harder for Poirot- all the suspects have murdered prior to the murder they are suspected of now. Unlike most other mysteries where you can sometimes guess if you pay enough attention, this mystery left me in the dust the entire time.

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