At Home Face Mask

After the success of my At Home Nose Pore Strips, I decided to test to see what an egg could do for my entire face. I found an egg and honey face mask recipe and decided to try it out! Total time was only 20 minutes including prep and clean-up. Confused about what to do with the extra egg yolks? Here are some different recipes for you to try.

After Applying the mask.

30 seconds: My neck is crazy sticky and I cannot look down. Additionally some of the honey is rolling down the neck. I applied too much!

2 minutes: I can feel my pores tightening now that it is starting to dry on my face.

7 minutes: My skin is feeling really tight. The smell of honey is a little overpowering at this point.

15 minutes: Time to take off the mask! It comes off easy with warm water and a washcloth.

25 minutes: My skin feels really smooth and clean. The honey didn’t leave a residue on my skin and all my blackheads are gone.

24 hours: I skipped my nighttime facial schedule to see if the effects would last.My skin still feels really soft and clean still.  I would definitely use this mask again in the future.

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