The Exterminating Angel, 1962


{Theatrical Release Poster}

A group is psychologically trapped for no apparent reason in a room, while troubleshooting their true natures appear.

My thoughts: A group of friends is invited to a dinner party. Just before the arrival of the twenty guests, all of the household help sans the head butler without a word abandon the house and the guests. The guests continue their merriment well into the night.  Instead of going home when they got tired, the guests chose to throw out class and abandon good manners. The group then realizes for some unknown reason, anyone who enters the room is psychologically trapped there. The group deals with being psychologically trapped in the room, and then begin dealing with thirst, starvation and the loss of their most basic human rights.

The inciting incident is the moment that the first person (Edmundo Nobile, the host) does not leave the room that they are all “trapped” in about sixteen minutes into the film. All of the guests decides to stay despite it being 4am in the morning. The audience starts noticing that something is amiss at this point. In my opinion, the climax is the discovery of the murder suicide by the young couple that was to be married at about one hour and twelve minutes in.  The ending officially begins when at one hour and twenty-three minutes Leticia notices that all the furniture and people are in the exact same position as the night just before they were all caught in the room.

The beginning is also the ending of the film. The first image we see is the closed doorway to a church. Through the door we hear people singing hymns. This is also where the film ends bringing it to a full circle.  Following the escape from the room, we see all those who were being held hostage dressed all in black at a Mass signing the same hymn from the beginning. And the horrible situation of being psychologically caught in a room with no escape begins again.

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