At A Glance

A monthly series which offers a glance of my world right now.

1. Yoga Studio– Last year I did not follow through consistently with one of my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions. Though I was consistently exercising from January until July, but as soon as we moved to New York my routine was nonexistent. I no longer had workout buddies and I didn’t have access to a free gym anymore. I do have a solution to help get back into better habits. My friend Maria introduced me to an App called Yoga Studio last summer. It is easy to follow and you can customize the workouts to fit your physical needs. It is easy to connect with my Apple TV so I can follow along in my living room. I am going to start yoga three times a week working my legs, core, and arms and then work my way up to daily.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 12.28.35 PM.png

2. Versailles– I accidentally binge watched season one in one day  since it was on in the background while I did some spring cleaning in closets. I admire the beauty that went into creating a Versailles hunting lodge and then over the course of the season transforming it into what is known as the Palace of Versailles (in full glory opposed to attempted restorations). Since it follows historical figures from the far-past there is a good amount of artistic and dramatic liberty taken to keep the story flowing but they due try to keep to the main story to King Louis XIV. Even though I was only paying half attention, the story was easy to follow and  to be drawn into certain characters. Rewatch the first episode after you complete the season, it will make you much more depressed that you already were. This series is not suitable for children.


3. Clarissa Explains it All– After finishing all seven seasons of Sabrina: The Teenage Witch and the three Sabrina movies, I was on a Melissa Joan Hart kick. Instead of watching Melissa & Joey I opted to see a show when Melissa was much younger. I remember watching Clarissa Explains it All but they must have been reruns since I was only three when the show went off the air. I have been tweeting all sorts of quotes and thoughts regarding the series.


4. Broad City–  I had heard about Broad City before but had never sat down to watch it. Though the show itself if rather over-the-top the lifestyle the two protagonists lead is something I can relate to being a almost broke 20-something living in Brooklyn New York. Both P and I got a kick out of the personalities of the New Yorkers and the situations Abbi and Ilana find themselves in are hands down truthful. After binging the three seasons on Hulu following the departure of my family I decided to look up information about Broad City. Surprise! Broad City was originally a web series of the same name before it was picked up. Abby and Ilana are real life New Yorkers and they based the series off of their everyday lives (they are writers on more than half of all the episodes) though their characters are highly stylized.


5. A Series of Unfortunate Events, Netflix Original Series- I loved reading the books when I was a child. In fact I still have them all. It did not have the same extensive fan-base as Harry Potter and was meant for children throughout the entire series, but it was one of my favorite collections. I not only loved the gothic feel to the stories, but I enjoyed the opportunity to learn all sorts of new words. I was disappointed with the film that came out in 2004 starring Jim Carrey. The film was a mix of the first three books re-written to make one story. The Netflix series pays attention to all the important details of the books and like the seventh Harry Potter movie, each book is broken up into two episodes. This series brings back the Victorian Gothic undertones of the novels, while playing with the character of Lemony Snicker and secret organizations. The series intentionally confuses the viewer and the children, while weaving a more intense story. P and I binge watched all eight chapters in one week.


6. The Young Pope– Somehow P and I started/joined a weekly couple’s showing of The Young Pope with our friends Kat and Sean on Sunday nights. We bring the food and they supply the alcohol. Tonight we are watching two back-to-back episodes since we cancelled last week’s due to the Women’s March on DC. Officially all of us have only seen one episode but each moment on screen has been beyond enticing.


7. Spring Cleaning- Last year one of my resolutions was home downsizing.  All last spring I went through everything P and I owned and donated countless items that we did not use, had bought on a whim, or no longer served a purpose for our lifestyle. I felt really accomplished prior to our move. After arriving in NYC in August I once again did the same thing, and now in January I find myself repeating the process. For the remainder of this year instead of focusing on home items, I am challenging myself in 2017 to purge personal items i.e. makeup, beauty products, books, etc.


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