Blog Organization: Planning Posts

No two bloggers keep their blog posts organized in the same way. Some write blurbs hours before they are published with little preplanning, others plan months in advance what they post, and then there are people like me who attempt to pre-plan but often fall behind (sorry everyone!). Though blogging is not a business for me, I do like to keep it organized as if it were one. Here is the system I use to organize, plan, and  create posts for my blog. You can learn more about my Erin Condren Life Planner here.

Setting and Keeping Goals-

Though this blog is for my personal benefit, I do like to keep goals for myself so I can determine whether or not what I am posting is relevant and engaging. I set goals for collaboration, followers, daily visitors, post views per visitor, Instagram followers, and types of posts.


Keeping track of future and past posts-

  1. I write down the idea I have for a post.idea
  2. After research, I write the content and then highlight the title. post
  3. I take the photos, insert them in the post and then schedule the post on the site. photos

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