Sweetie, 1989


{Theatrical Release Poster}

A sexually frustrated, financially and emotionally struggling couple deals with the arrival of a sister and her destructive behaviors impact on everyone.

My thoughts:

What a weird film. Beautiful but weird.

Sweetie was the main character, even though the film focused on her sister Kay. Every action that Kay does revolves around her sister whether she realizes it or not. Kay was the opposite of Sweetie in every way, and intentionally acted this way in order to counteract the presence of her sister. Despite this Kay was no angel. She broke the engagement between Louis and his then fiancé, lies to his about being disconnected, and lies about killing a tree he planted in their yard. Kay is neurotic like Sweetie, and becomes high selfish and self-involved when her mind is set.

Kay’s story focuses on the weird family dynamic. Sweetie is the cause of the fracturing the family, their forced relationships with each other, and their crumbling relationships with other people. Only once Sweetie is gone can anything be somewhat normal for Kay and her parents.

Elements of the story that I enjoyed: the abandoning of Sweetie’s boyfriend/producer at a coffee shop, the family manipulating Sweetie into getting out of the car, and Sweetie holding the young neighbor boy hostage in her treehouse.

Things that were so detailed that it is scary: Sweetie stripping naked and then covering herself with black paint after blockading herself in the treehouse after she did not get her way, Luis being so mad at Kay that he leaves the house without shoes on, and Sweetie claiming she spent all the food money on a skirt, even though her food remains are all over the destroyed house.


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