Find of the Week


Our friends Kat and Sean just moved into their apartment and everytime P and I head over there is always something new added to their home life. Once it was a shelf and another time curtains, but this past week it was something that I realized I could not live without, an Essential Oil Diffuser. I was able to find the exact one they had on amazon and found some oils locally. My favorite scents at the moment are Rosemary and Eucalyptus.

Many people preach the holistic healing of essential oils, but I am more interested in how it changes the mood of the room. I am notorious for burning candles often but unfortunately my favorite scents disappear much faster than I, or my wallet, would like them too. This essential oil diffuser mists fragrances of your choice in the room and is a whole lot safer than having an open flame especially if you are a pets.

It also acts as a humidifier and a nightlight. There are seven different colored lights that you can program to be dim or bright and you can even opt in for consistently color changing light.



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