Broke in NYC: Fitness

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Many people have unlimited self-motivation and are their own instructors, I however, am not one of those people. If I do not attend a class, go to a gym, or have a buddy to run with I feel like I would never work out. That being said, as a graduate student working part time it is hard for me to find the extra cash for memberships and classes.

Here are some amazing resources to get fitness for free or discounted .

  1. List of Brooklyn yoga studios that let you volunteer your time for free classes.
  2. During the Summer Brokelyn lists all the free fitness events around the city.
  3. Classical Pilates Mat Class in Meatpacking
  4. Fitness activities in Central Park for Adults and Children
  5. Brooklyn Roadrunners in Prospect Park
  6. Lululemon in the Meatpacking district always seems to have a free class going onfavo

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My favorite inspiration fitness blogs and instagrams:

Sassy Fit Girl






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