Kids Shows with Intense Messages

Some of my favorite shows are from Cartoon Network and Disney X D. Even though they are marketed to younger kids, the shows have beautifully woven in adult themes (no just sexual innuendos) to allow adults to enjoy and children the opportunity to grow. These shows are my inspiration at the moment for what I would like to do if I were to produce for an animated series.


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1. Gravity Falls- Disney XD

A man attempts to rescue his twin brother from another dimension and reconcile, while hiding his actions from his visiting niece and nephew.

2. Adventure Time- Cartoon Network

In a post-apocalyptic world, a young human boy lives among beings transformed by nuclear fallout.

3. Steven Universe- Cartoon Network

Three aliens raise a half-human, half-alien child about to hit puberty on Earth while they deal with the loss of their alien leader.

4. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil- Disney XD

A princess is sent to  school in a different country to learn responsibility, or risk being sent to a boarding school that is designed to take away her free spirit but ensure the safety of her kingdom.

5. Avatar: Legend of Korra- Nickelodeon

A young woman who believes she is the savior, overextends herself to please and save others and quickly loses herself.

6. Over the Garden Wall- Cartoon Network

After becoming lost on Halloween night, two half-brothers try to find their way back home through a maze-like wood while unknown forces try to keep them there.


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