Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to The Moon), 1902

{Theatrical Release Poster}

A man discovers the miracle of life in his science lab but quickly regrets making it.

Background: This is considered to be the first science fiction film. It was inspired by the written works of Jules Vernon and H.G.Wells.

Synopsis: A scholar hosts a lecture about how man can get to the moon. The room of scholars accept the idea and rejoice. A capsule is built for the moon expedition. six scholars oversee the production of the capsule at the factory. The capsule is loaded into a massive cannon, after six scholars hop into the capsule. The capsule is launched by the canon. The capsule flies through space and then smashes into the face of the moon. On the surface of the moon, the six scholars unload and marvel at the splendor of the Earth in the distance. The men sleep while the stars, constellations and planets gossip. It begins to snow, the men wake up and seek shelter within a cave. In the cave is a beautiful world full of greenery and martians. The martians take the scholars hostage and present them to the martian king. The scholars escape after killing the martian king and make a run for it across the moon to their capsule. The capsule falls off the edge of the moon and into Earth’s ocean. The capsule takes a turn around the Ocean’s floor prior to a ship towing it into harbor. The scholars arrive back to town with a huge parade, and with a martian friend in tow who jumped on the back of the capsule when it fell. A statue is built in the town to honor the scholars and their journey to the moon.

My thoughts: It truly is science fiction! The film plays on the notion that there is a futuristic technology that can take people to the moon after traveling through space, and that there is a civilization of Martians living on the moon. It blows my mind that this film was from 1902. Not only are there special effects, but the matte backgrounds create amazing depth, and the editing techniques makes it fun for the viewers.

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