Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1912

A scientist uses chemistry to separate his good self with his evil self.

Synopsis: Dr. Jekyll reads a book that inspires him to test a theory that “certain drugs can separate man into two beings—one representing EVIL the other GOOD.”He creates a potion, drinks its and transforms into a monster. The monster drinks the same potion and transforms back into Dr. Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll courts the minister’s daughter. Some months later, due to his repeat use of the drugs, Dr. Jekyll randomly changes into his evil send. One day he transforms, grabs his hat and heads into town. In town his evil self is known as Mr. Hyde. Later Dr. Jekyll brings flowers to the minister’s daughter. He feels the transformation happening and attempts to run. He transforms into Mr. Hyde and attempts to kill the minister’ daughter. The minister steps in while the girl runs to get the police. When the police arrive Hyde is gone and the minister is dead. Police follow Hyde home but he ha already transformed back into Dr. Jekyll. H realizes he can no longer control the demon and attempts to run away. Months later he attempts to explain why he left to his love, and starts to transform again. He runs home, and transforms, but realizes there is no more antidote. Dr. Jekyll’s servant hears Mr. Hyde ransacking the house and study and calls the police. The police axe down the door while Hyde takes poison. When they arrive inside, Hyde is dead.

My thoughts: I enjoyed the visual trickery that the director used in order to show the transformation. Instead of switching actors and using smoke and mirrors, the director stopped the film and meticulously replaced the actor in the exact spot after a costume transformation. That feat is something extremely hard to do and it is time consuming.

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