Her Long Black Hair Audio Walk in Central Park

photo_cardiff_04_view1_321x244w{Courtesy of the Public Art Fund}

In September 2016, I was required to attend an audio walk for my Integrated Media class. It was called Her Long Black Hair and was first introduced to New York in 2004.  Philip and I headed to Central Park on a lazy Saturday, synced our mp3 tracks, and headed down the paved paths. We were not quite sure if it would be fun, but it forced us to trek around the gorgeous park for the first time in the summer (a crime!) and discover its hidden beauty. The entire tour took us about one hour to complete, which included breaks, switching between tracks, and heading 10 minutes in the wrong direction and then backtracking. Overall both P and I had a great time and even though it wasn’t planned, we definitely considered it a date.


Spoilers: The tour itself was hosted by a woman narrator seeking exact park locations where an anonymous woman’s pictures were taken. She narrates and guides you around the park. On the way to each location, she asks you to notice the small things you might have missed if you had just walked by. At times she has you do “experiments” which are meant to heighten some senses while sacrificing others. Meanwhile , you are asked to view the pictures for the tour. You are in the exact spot of the photographer of when the pictures of the anonymous woman were taken. Throughout our narrator speculates about this unknown woman and her long black hair. This psychological and physical experience is something that is worthwhile.

If you live in the NYC area and would like to take a gander at it, I would highly recommend. Tracks and pictures here in the digital archive.



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