Frankenstein, 1910


frankenstein_1910_poster{Theatrical Release Poster}

A man discovers the miracle of life in his science lab but quickly regrets making it.

Background: This silent film is a loose adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The film itself is almost 13 minutes long with inter titles. It was created by Thomas Edison’s film company Edison Studios.

Synopsis: Frankenstein leaves home for college. While studying he discovers “the mystery of life.” Just before he complete s his experiment he sends a note home to his beloved to tell her they will be married soon. Instead of the perfect human, Frankenstein creates a monster using chemistry. Frankenstein faints at the sight of his horribly evil creation. Frankenstein returns home, abandoning his work. The Monster follows Frankstein home and sees how ugly he is, and how beautiful Frankenstein’s future bride is. Frankenstein and his bride are about to go to bed when the Monster appears and terrorizes Frankenstein’s bride. The Monster runs away. The Monster “is overcome by love” and disappears into thin air with a poof. Only its image remains on a mirror, but only for a brief moment of time. Frankenstein finds the Monster has disappeared, he and his new bride rejoice.

My thoughts: Cheap ending. The beginning was science fiction horror, and then the moment it strayed from Shelley’s original story it turned into a happily-ever-after fantasy. It was a surprise ending, but for all the wrong reasons.

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