Baking Essentials

When I moved into my first apartment I did not realize how much I took my mother’s pampered chef baking supplies for granted. They were also there so I never missed them. I did miss them the first month I tried to bake anything. My mother was not willing to part with her items so instead I started searching the local goodwill for similar equivalents. Only recently did I find everything that I needed that was reliable. These essentials are all the basic one needs to start all their baking endeavors.



one // mixer ($349.95)

two // bakeware set ($79.96)

three // mixing bowls ($39.95)

four // tool set ($195)

five // marble rolling pin ($71.96)

six // loaf pan ($15.96)

seven // rectangle pan ($27.96)

eight // hand mixer ($54.50)

nine // baking dishes ($20-$35)


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