A Calming Pre-Sleep Routine

My final year of undergrad I took a class called the Psychology of Parenting. Though I am still not a parent, I did leave with advice than has enhanced my daily life greatly. Here are some tricks I learned to help establish a calming pre-sleep routine to help strengthen your nightly slumber.

img_9278Repetition is key. Do your nighttime routine in the same order each night. Your brain will be trained to know that the end goal is going to sleep.

Lower the lights.  Don’t turn them off, but dim them as you start your night time routine. Your body thinks bright light means to stay awake, even if the outside is dark your body is responding to the lights inside in regards to your sleep habits. I also wear an eye-mask so I don’t wake up too early with the sun.

Turn on soft tunes. Have soft, calming music throughout your home. Its similar to a lullaby for a small child. Your body will know that at the end of the music you are supposed to go to bed.

Keep your bedtime consistent. Go to bed the same time each night, it will allow you to get to sleep faster.

No screen-time before bed. Don’t look at any screens up to 1 hour prior to going to bed. Set your alarm, turn on Do Not Disturb, plug in your phone to charge, then don’t touch it till the morning. This also means no computer or TV.




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