A Seperation, 2011


{Theatrical Release Poster}

A man and a women are separated while waiting for their divorce to be finalized, meanwhile events ensue that makes their daughter question everything.

Brief Synopsis: In modern day Iran, Simin files for divorce for her husband Nader because he refuses to move with her abroad after getting Visas. Simin moves in with her parents, while Nader, their 11 year old daughter, and Nader’s father with Alzheimers stay at home. Nader hires a pregnant islamic woman to take care of the house, and his confused father while he is at work. The housekeeper struggles with taking care of Nader’s father, the housework, and her young daughter which she brought with her to the house. Nader returns one day to find  her gone, and his father’s arm tied to the bed with his body fallen onto the floor. Nader reacts horrifically upon the caregiver’s return due to the treatment of his father and him believing she stole money from the house; the altercation ends when Nader pushes her out of his home. Later than night, Simin reveals to her husband that the housekeeper miscarried, and is blaming him for her dead baby. All parties go to court while the true story is hidden behind lies, partial truths, threats, and bribes. Nader is not guilty, and it is revealed the baby died when the housekeeper was hit by a car after she accidentally

My thoughts:This film was so raw. I absolutely loved it. There were so many elements that I thought were so educational. My favorite moment was when Razieh called the religious hotline to ensure it would not be sinful to clean the old man after he wet himself. Clarity and truth of religion is so important that information must be instantaneous if needed.

The moment that could have killed the movie, but saved the characters, would have been if  Simin old Nader that she used money from the drawer to pay the movers for the extra floor. Or even Termeh telling her father, since she witnessed her mother’s action. This missing money coupled with the treatment of Nader’s father, caused Nader to go over the edge and push Razieh out of his home. Had Razieh just left, she would have known the miscarriage was not caused by Nader, but 100% only by being hit by a car.

There was a separation for everything: between the parents, between the daughter and each parent, the grandfather with Alzheimer’s separation from reality, the separation from the truth for all those involved with the knowledge about Razieh’s miscarriage, even the visuals showed the many physical divides in order to extra emphasize the emotional ones.

We see many different perspectives: Simin, Nader, Termeh, and Razieh. The only time that we did not see the full story on screen was when it was being told by the perspective of Razieh, and it is revealed at the end that she was the one who was omitting information not only from the authorities and husband, but herself.

Simin files for divorce in family court because she wants to bring up her daughter outside the country, but her husband refuses to go with and bring their daughter. He claims this is because of his father with Alzheimer’s. We finish where we began, in family court. This time Simin is granted a divorce, but Termeh must decide which parent she wants to stay with. The clothes suggest mourning, possibly regarding the death of the grandfather, though it is unknown. Termeh’s answer is not revealed. If his father is dead Nader has no excuse to stay besides that he does not want to go.


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