Samples and Mailing Station DIY


{Top: Homemade Sample Bags. Bottom:Scissors, Sharpies, Gel Pens, Hole Punch, Colored Twine, and Gift Tags}

Being an Independent Consultant for Arbonne I constantly have samples to mail and pass out to potential clients. Often during the holidays and when Arbonne hosts specials, I buy extra items to giftware into amazing host presents for people wanting to host an Arbonne Get-Together in their home with their friends.

I used this Better Homes and Garden Article as inspiration for organizing my Samples and Mailing Station on the back of my bedroom door. I bought this storage system from Amazon and filled it with all my samples and mailing essentials, most of which tuck nicely into Mason jars. Prior to being an Arbonne Consultant, I used this system to store my gift wrapping supplies, and before then, art supplies.


{Top: assorted samples. Bottom: various plastic gift bag sizes, sample nutrition facts, sample ingredient information}


{Top: Stickers, Prize Bags, Arbonne Paper Bags, Paper Stuffing. Bottom: mailing envelopes, logo stickers, Sample bag supplies, pipe cleaners, butterfly decorations}


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