Smells of the Holidays

I recently received an amazing tester kit from Arbonne that featured some of their Holiday line. Here is what I  thought about the items.


Pampermint Foot Cream: The moment I opened the lid I could smell the peppermint. Once on my feet, the scent lasted over an hour. This is definitely being added to my spa Pedicure set for the fall. This bottle is small enough for me to take on flights! The full size item is over 8 fluid ounces.

Merriment Hand Creme: It smelled exactly like the foot cream! No worries about mixing conflicting smells here. Now my pedicures and manicures will match. My hands felt smooth for hours. The pump made it convenient for application. I will definitely put this in the guest bathroom.

Fig Blossom Shower Gel: It smelled light and airy. It was super smooth going onto my skin.    I did not smell too sweet or too fruity. The smell lasts for a couple hours. I received many compliments about my perfume while I was in class. I am sorry this was not full size and only a tester, I would love to use this all winter long. That means I just need to buy the larger version now.

Star of Wonder Body Scrub: I am not 100% positive what the smells are in this one, but I do detect coconut, vanilla,  and maybe some cinnamon. It felt so good on my skin in the shower. It was a glorious at home massage.

Charcoal EyeLiner: The color itself is a medium blue gray. I was a little timid to put this on my eyes because blue is such an abnormally bright color for me compared to normal brown neutrals.

There full Holiday line is here. Items are only available if they are in stock (no backorders).

I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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