Fall Shopping Wish-List

1. Blanket Scarves from ilymix- Brings you extra warmth, and is super versatile. You can buy these here. They also have a tutorial on different ways you can style and tie their blanket scarves


2. Striped Jersey Top from H&M- I love stripes, but I always seem to go through the classics fast. This shirt is light enough that I can wear it on days that go warmer, but perfect for layering for much colder days. You can buy it here.


3. Black High-Waisted Jeans by BDG- High-waisted pants look better on me than any pair of hip-huggers. I am in deathly need of a pair of pure black jeans that I can wear casually. In my opinion, black is the great base color for most fall outfits. Get these here.

4. Leggings by Fabletics – My favorites are the Gaviota, Brogan and Clover (shown above). See the entire collection here.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.24.28 PM.png

5. Superstar by Adidas– I am excited to transition out my light cloth converses for some heavy leather lace-ups.


6. Brown Leather Jacket by BLANKNYC- Nordstrom has some amazing fall jackets out right now. This one seems absolutely perfect! It has zippers, details, is actually faux, and you can choose to have it in either black or brown. This is easy to dress up or down.

7. Some basic tops- Fall usually has everyone pairing jeans because lets me honest, sometimes slacks and capris just aren’t warm enough. To combat this mundane repeat-cycle, always have a cute top if you can’t have some cute bottoms. {Left to Right: Lush Tee, J.Crew Ruffle Top, Free People Mesh Tee}

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