Indoor Kitty Garden DIY



Transitioning my cats from indoor-outdoor cats to solely indoor city cats has been a hard on everyone. When P brought flowers home when I was sick, all the cats stuck their faces in them and chomped away. I realized that I needed to take action to give them their own natural space.

I was inspired by this article and this one to make my own Kitty Snack Spot.

I really did not want to commit to permanent fixture on the wall, so I opted for this set so I could individually pull plants that needed to be regrown without disturbing the whole garden and  I could place it on the floor near their food.

The three seeds I chose to grow were Catnip, Wheatgrass, and a mixture of wheat, oats, rye, barley and flax.

What you’ll need:

1. Soil

2. Pots/Containers. I used a Metal Picnic Caddy and Planter Set.

3. Choice of Seeds

4. Plant Food 

5. A Halved Q-Tip


1. My containers had holes in the bottom, so to ensure there was no leakage into the bottom caddy, I boiled a wine bottle cork for 15 minutes, cut a portion off and glued it over the hole.


2. Line 1/2 of the container with wet soil. Sprinkle the plant food across the top layer of the spoil.


3. Pour dry soil in the remaining 2/3 of the pot. Keep 1/2-1 in rim from the top. Pat the soil down lightly with the back of your hand.

4. Take the halved Q-Tip and start creating holes in the top of the pressed soil. Depending on the size of the seed, either place one in each hole or multiple. Poke the seeds deep into the hole with the halved Q-Tip.


5. Carefully water the soil with 1/4-1/2 cup of water. If you let all the water pour into one spot it will create a divot and dislocate the seeds. (I made two trays of each seed so I can rotate them out as the cats eat them allowing for regrowth.)


6. Cover each pot with sedan wrap for 1-2 days to allow it to germinate. Once the wheat grass is 4-5 inches tall, feel free to start letting the cats feed.

7. Don’t forget to label which seed is in which pot! I wrote it on paper underneath, so I can always reuse the metal set later if I am not successful growing the garden.

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