Blue Apron At Home

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 11.32.05 AM.pngWhen I first started Blue Apron I wasn’t thinking about their mission or how they could better my life. I just wanted more time to myself (I know selfish) and less time preparing for dinner. After being with Blue Apron for a couple weeks I realized that Blue Apron was much bigger and striving for more than I had originally thought.

Blue Apron has its own market, not merchandise, market. They offer guests the ability to buy high quality kitchen items that enhance their home cooking experience. They are not interested in making a huge profit and becoming the next home kitchen brand, they want to share the love of cooking with everyone.


[Photos courtesy of Blue Apron website]

I know when P and I first moved in together, we took inventory of our kitchen supplies and it was pretty sparse and pathetic. Today, we have many of the same supplies though we have acquired more from thrift stores and Home Goods, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have the correct equipment. Right off hand, I know of two pots that have loose handles, wooden utensils that are starting to break, and twin elephant salt & pepper shakers being held together with Ginger’s Tacky Glue.

I have my eye on their White Wine Glasses, their Seasonal Cookbooks, and their Recipe Binder.

Shop their market here.


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