Kitty Keep-Up

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P and I have been buying Purina Cat Chow for our kitties for  years. On an extra slow day recently I found myself reading the back of the cat food bag as intently, as one would reading the morning cereal box. I quickly and embarrassingly just discovered that they have a recurring customer rewards program. Just imagine how much I could have been saving!

At my you can build a profile about you and your cats. You track your purchases by inputting the proof of purchase numbers. For each Purina purchase you make, you are rewarded with a pre-determined number of points. Reach a certain amount of points and you earn rewards such as coupons on future purchases, or cute cat themed household products like a Polaroid Cube, Cat Socks, or cat silhouette bookends.Purina also has a similar rewards program for all their dog owners.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.21.17 AM.png

I currently have my eye on a kitty tail paper towel holder that could easily be repurposed to hold toilet paper rolls in the guest bathroom. Click here to start tracking your own purchases, and the potential to earn amazing rewards.


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