Air BNB: Getting Started


P and I have used AirBNB often this past year, but we recently took the extra step and became hosts turning our guest room into an AirBNB.

How does it work? Go to the site or the app, create a profile for yourself, find an area you want to stay in, and then find the people and place you want to stay at from those listed. The hosting process is very similar. People apply to your listing and you decide the days you have available, and the people that are allowed to stay.

The site answered all of our questions, as did the customer service representative we called as a test for response time (5 minutes is their extremely busy wait time). It took about 15 minutes for us to create our “listing” and was very user friendly.  Within days we had people asking about the space, and booking for months in advance. Easily, we are making a ⅓ of our rent each month just through AirBNB, and not every day is even booked yet.

Our furnishings are basic: an ikea bed and foam mattress, two sheets sets, one duvet set and bathroom linens. I went the extra mile and ordered Arbonne FC5 samples to offer the guests if they forgot shampoo, conditioner, or bath soap.

AirBNB also has an amazing referral program where you can earn money by having your friends sign up and host someone once. Free money is free money. 🙂

Even if you aren’t looking to host someone or stay at an AirBNB, the site itself offers guidebooks created by locals that you can utilize to create your next amazing vacation.

154 Adlephi

[Us at 154 Adelphi Street]

Interested in turning your extra room into extra cash by becoming a host? Click here to get started.

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