Florals in Motion


What is so special about having an item that get you from one place to another? Everything. Growing up my family really didn’t invest in great luggage pieces despite our constant travels. Usually we would get a huge dark piece that everyone could put their clothes in, and then everyone had a carry-on of their choice. For us kids, that meant our school backpacks.

When I left for college, my mother gave me the luxury of buying new luggage for the trip. I was devastated that it wouldn’t fit into my two-door car for the drive up, so I was forced to leave it behind and shove my clothes where ever there was space in the car.

Now I have a gorgeous Vera Bradley carry-on that has been worth the investment. At the time it was on sale, so both my mother and I bought parts of the same set. It has been with me on Thanksgiving Vacations, trips through rain and snow, and even to Europe. There has been no sign of wear or damage so far and there is never a moment where I don’t know which bag is mine. You can find a similar bag here.

While on the Destin Middle School Golf Team, the team was gifted Vera Bradley Quilted Duffels from our sponsors. It is a great weekend bag, but highly impractical for air travel or  taking anyplace that is not car to room. I absolutely love it for short weekends. You can find a similar duffel here or one in a small size here. Since getting my duffel over 10 years ago (it still looks great doesn’t it?) they have updated the bag and now offer a air travel duffel and a duffel 2.0 that is supposed to be much sturdier.

Interested in seeing how I pack, or what I take to travel on a plane? Stay tuned for an upcoming post.

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