Best purchases of 2015

1.  Coat from Hinton & Hinton. P bought this for me as an early christmas gift. I love the details and it is super easy to layer. Prior to this, I just had Florida fashion coats. This will actually keep me warm in New York.

2. Emily Ley Academic Planner. I used to buy Lilly Pulitzer planners until I found this one. You can buy it by the year, or by the academic year, but no matter the model it has a pocket in the front, a bucket list location, space for activities and to dos from 6am till 9pm, as well as spaces for notes and dinner ideas.


3. Dachshund Office Filer. Yet another impulse, but only because I wanted free shipping from Modcloth. This is a great place to store my business cards, or small notes containing information of people I need to contact.

4. Kate Spade Black Purse. This was more of an impulse buy at the time, but now I use it whenever I need a small bag. It appears small but can fit a lot.


5. Fossil I-Pad Case. Here’s a secret: just because it is meant for one thing, does not mean it cannot be used for something else. I use this case for my planner. My former planners had their rings ruined, so when I travel, I place my planner in here instead of my purse where it catches on the most random items.

6. Michael Kors Bag. If you need a catchall satchel this is the one for you. Kate Spade has similar ones in neutral colors with a ton of pockets on the inside, but I like the openness of this one because I get to have the versatility. The might even become a baby bag if it lasts.

7. Olivia + Joy Pencil Case. I have a thing for office supplies, so I need to have a reliable place to put them. This case is the perfect size for pens, pencils and travel supplies.


8. World Market Couch. Its a couch, but its also a full bed! Yet, it is not one of those 90s floral pull-outs. The back cushions lay down to create double the space. Extra bonus- there is storage underneath for all the linens needed to make it a welcoming bed. Downside-dark fabric means seeing everything that is dirty, and the cushions do not come up for cleaning.

9. Basket End Table. It looks innocent enough because it is. It fits perfectly in the corner while boasting huge amounts of storage space. I have been unable to find anything similar since. They are all either ottomans, or hampers.

10. Slippers. I haven’t had slippers since I was in 4th grade. I bought a pair this winter because my feet were insanely dry and I couldn’t bring myself to wear socks and shoes 100% of the time in the apartment. Now I am on the hunt for a pair for P.


Update: 5/13/2016 By March 2016 my Emily Ley Planner started falling apart! This was probably my fault due to my overuse of the planner- I used it for lesson planning, my personal life, and my school schedule. It probably got 3 times the usage than it was meant for. Since then, I have gotten the Erin Condren Life Planner which has worked out much better for me. In the end, plastic is hard to break when compared to paper.  I do miss the gorgeous colors and the daily inspirational quotes that came in the Emily Ley Planner though.


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