Cheers from the UK

[Originally posted in August 2014]

I just returned this past week from an University Faculty-led study abroad class in the UK. Myself and 19 other classmates were in England for almost a month and did so much.

The coursework itself was centered around fantasy fiction creative writing. Our instructor was amazing and integrated all sorts of excursions and trips for us that required us to travel, learn local history and experience the same experiences that famous fantasy authors might have generations prior.  Some of my favorite highlights from the trip include trekking four miles of Hadrian’s Wall, the High Teat at the Balmoral in Edinburgh, touring Oxford with emphasis on the lives of Tolkein, Lewis and Carrol,  and visiting the Vyne Estates just outside of London. Now back in the states the only thing left for me to do is upload my favorite photos to Facebook and plan my next trip back.
{Alnwick Castle: We lived here for two weeks}


{Lindisfarne Priory Ruins}


{Tour De France in Harrogate}


{Edinburgh, Scotland and some thoughts on the upcoming election in September}


{Hadrian’s Wall Outpost Ruins}


{King’s Cross Station}


{Raven at the the Tower of London}


{Statue in the British Museum}


{Cathedral in Bath}


{The iconic Stonehenge}


{A Children’s area at the Vyne modeled after a Hobbit Hole}


{The Vyne Tudor house}


{Parliament as seen from London Bridge}


{The Harry Potter Studio Tour}

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