Going Paperless

{Top Left: Drawer for towels for cleaning/drying dishes, Top Right: Drawer for hand towels, and napkins, Bottom Left: Hand Towel location, Bottom Right: My homemade napkins}

Besides switching to natural products for cleaning I have been trying to find other ways to go green at home. Something I have been thinking about a lot is how to eliminate unneeded waste around the house. The big problem areas were the kitchen and bathroom. I used these 5 Steps to a Paperless Kitchen to help eliminate my overuse of paper towels in both areas.

I bought three sets of 18 white washcloths from Walmart, as well as some yellow and blue fabric dye. I dyed two of the three sets yellow and blue. My plan is to have whites for the kitchen, yellows for the bathroom, and blues for cleaning products. I also bought some fabric squares from Tuesday Morning and floursack towels from Walmart for some quick homemade everyday napkins and kitchen towels. See my cloth napkin tutorial here.  The great news is that not only are we being less wasteful, but we are also saving money in the long run.


Total cost for napkins/kitchen towels/washcloths: $47.68

Total estimated cost each year for just paper towels (assuming 1 roll per week): $57.20

Update (9/6/2016): Even though we moved to a new place, we are still trying to go as paperless as possible! We don’t have laundry in our building, and it costs $4.00 per load at the laundromat, so we adapted the system to be a little more efficient. White Washcloths are for all household cleaning- no longer segregated by color, thrown into sack to be cleaned separatley. Grey washcloths in the bathroom for face/body, thrown into laundry bag after use. All other linens are thrown into the laundry bag after use.

It is harder to use this system now that we have airbnb guests, so instead of claiming PAPERLESS, we are trying to shoot for WASTELESS. All of our paper products are either recycled or composted.




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