Plans for future littles

[Originally posted January 2014]
I plan to post pictures of the final products including the set up in the little’s room when I surprise her, but for now here is just an overview of my plans. 
Day 1: Welcome to the Frat Life!
Presents: Four Ole Miss Shirts, Ole Miss Purse and an Ole Miss Teddy Bear
Setup: Newspapers and Toilet paper surrounding the bed as a back drop (like she was just pranked.)  Sign saying “Welcome to the Frat Life,” because KAT is technically a fraternity for women. Bed will be covered in Red Solo cups and some shot glasses.
I also plan to print out funny TFMs and have them laying around too. Also some information concerning Theta as a fraternity, sort of like a play on what male pledges actually have to learn  [start date, brother fraternity, flower, motto, etc ] I still need to purchase and  make a couple of frockets but otherwise that’s it. 
Day 2: Material Girl
Presents: Vera Bradley Canvas, VB wallet, VB coin purse, VB pencil pouch, VB stationery set, giant fortune cookie, fairy stationery x3, Lilly Pulitzer belt, glass heart paperweight and pencil holder.  Not pictured: Magazine envelopes, 
Setup: Presents laying out for her on the bed. ‘Material Girl’ quotes, TSM quotes and ideals of theta everywhere. 
Day 3: Theta Love!!!
Presents: twin kites bulletin board, twin kites canvas, pansy canvas, theta frame, beaded kite canvas, theta crest hook, theta koozie, 2 door hangers?, theta mug, theta  small bag, Lilly Pulitzer inspired pin box with an adorable poem inside about initiation. Also some sticky notes with kites and the letters. Not pictured: Pansy Stationery, a couple presents my big gave me last year that I will be passing on, and some other assorted crafts I have made since I took this picture.
Setup: Kappa Alpha Theta stuff everywhere!!!!! I will have facts about Theta and all about what a Theta Lady stands for.
I am actually kinda proud of all of these things I have made. I posted it on my tumblr and it made it onto sororitysugar and sororitycraft. I have been slowly watching it go around Pinterest and my friends repinning but not knowing its my stuff. 🙂 


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