Everyday Cloth Napkins DIY

My mother always talked about how her grandmother had all these gorgeous table and kitchen linens that she made herself to match her kitchen colors. Of course, this is no surprise considering it was the mid-1930s and my grandmother was just lucky enough to have a working husband to take care of her and her two young children let alone buy frivolous kitchen linens. My mom did not follow suit in the trend even though easily could have with her sewing abilities-all her napkins are paper to match the season, and I saw her use christmas linens once in the past seven years.  I am lucky enough to have inherited all those vintage tablecloths, napkins and dishtowels from my great-grandmother, and am in awe at the details that were put into them. Of course I don’t dare take them out for use beyond special dinners, so I decided to make my own everyday cloth napkins.

Items you’ll need:

-Assorted Fabrics that you can cut down to about 15″ x 15″ for luncheon napkins or 22″ x 22″ for dinner napkins

-Sewing Machine or needle and thread



The Steps:

1. Cut fabric down to  14.5″x 14.5″ or 21.5″x 21.5″.

2. Make a mitered corner (steps 2-5). Fold over ½” around each side and iron. Then fold in 1″ and iron again (a total of 1.5″).


3. Unfold the last 1″ fold you made. Bring in the corners of the fabric so that your creases align. Your 1″ fold crease on the wrong side of the fabric should align with the same fold crease on the right side of the fabric. Iron.

4. Unfold the crease you just made. With the fabric right sides together, fold the napkin at the diagnal so that your corner is folded in half.  Pin near the crease you made in step 4 and stitch along that crease.


5. Trim off the corner and iron open the border of the crease.  Repeat steps 2-5 for the remaining three corners.


6. Flip border inside out and iron.

7. Finish by pinning in place and stitch along the inside of the fold edge.


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