Craft Weekend.

[Originally published in Summer 2012]
{ $0.50 Wooden Box Decorating}

Though Sunday was the only day I didn’t work last week, I was able to do a bunch of crafts. I finished 6 and started many more. Tomorrow is my 2nd to last goodwill day in Florida, since I go back to Oxford on August 3rd. Tomorrow I am also running by the Methodist Bargain Box and heading to the dollar store to see if there is anything I can possibly make more future ‘Little’ crafts out of. I have to start finishing up my crafts since I just found out that big/little this year and initiation for the PNMs is in November instead of January, the first time our chapter has changed it in a couple years. So I will not have my winter holiday to prep for my sweet little, but that is fine because I am almost totally done anyway. In my next post I am going to outline my plan for Big Reveal Week and also post some pictures of some of the crafts and presents for her. Hopefully, I will just have 1 and not twins….otherwise I have to figure out how to split everything up equally. And fantastic news!! I was asked to be Deputy Scholarship Chair and I accepted. 🙂 YAY!! My first ‘leadership’ position in my chapter. So much to look forward to in the next upcoming weeks.

{Revamped paper towel holder}
{Kate Spade inspired binder}
{Kate Spade inspired binder}
{New envelope format}
{Headband holder from oatmeal box and candle stick}
{Headband holder from oatmeal box and candle stick}

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