Introducing the Cats

P and I have four cats. Which sounds and is a bit on the ridiculous side, but it is similar to having four toddlers that won’t grown up for 15 years and can be left at home alone.


P had Chloe Kitty in the City (Chloe) for 15 years before I even met him. His sister Lora had adopted her when she was first married after another military family abandoned her following a move. Philip took Chloe with him after Lora started having children.


P got Zia Pueblo (Zia) from a local animal shelter a month after he and I met. Zia was super skittish and constantly overeating because she had been living off of garbage behind an apartment complex. Since then she has turned into a normal stereotypical aloof kitty.


P and I both adopted Prof. Robert B. Bunny (Bunny) from Nine Lives Cat Rescue. We went to buy litter and pet smart and came home with a cat. P saw Bunny through the glass and had to hold him. Bunny fell asleep in his arms. Why the name? Bunny has a stubbed tail due to injuries prior to adoption, and when he runs he looks like a bolting rabbit.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) started off as a foster kitty. You can read his full story on his gofundme page. We fell in love with him and his special needs after only a month. He has been the most work, but has shown us the most rewards.

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