What’s in my desk?


My biggest pet peeve growing up was going to my mom’s supply drawer and not being able to find anything I was looking for. It really should have been called a junk drawer. The same scene happens every time I go home for a visit, I head to the drawer looking for tape and it take 10 years to find it, if I find it. Due to this constant annoyance (in my opinion), all my drawers are super organized so I know where everything is and others who borrow know where to find

[Left-Calligraphy Set, Rulers, Glass Calligraphy Set, Post-Its (in acrylic desk organizer), Hole Punch, Glue, Face Tissues, Scissors, Calculator and paperclips (in a polish teacup)]
[Right-binder clips (in an Italian paper box lid), tape, white out, stapler remover, erasers, tabs, pencil sharpener, swiss army knife, writing utensils (in utensil drawer from Walmart with the bottom painted)]

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