A Catholic Home

When we first started dating I knew nothing about Catholicism. P asked me to attend RCIA with him so I could learn more about his faith. Now that we are living together, P says we have what is considered the stereotypical Catholic home by having “a Kennedy” and a crucifix. Apparently a portrait of JFK in your living space and at least one crucifix means that you match this stereotype.


“A Kennedy.” We have a friend of a friend who paints portraits of historical figures. P wanted something non-normal for our Kennedy. Instead of having a small photograph framed we now have a 4′ x 2.5′ hand-portrait. To say the least we are often accused of being History Buffs or Conspiracy Theorists.


A crucifix.

Going the extra mile. Somehow we ended up with a crucifix in our hall and bedroom, and then the palm Sunday fronds cross in our kitchen. Meanwhile, I somehow have acquired a collection of crosses and crucifixes over the years.

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