Moving In: Dorm Life

[Originally published in August 2011]
[Close-up of my desk]

I finally finished moving into my dorm room at Ole Miss!! It took 9 1/2 hours to drive up here and I could only bring what fit into the trunk of my little 2 door Acrua RSX. Talk about limited. On top of that it rained all day on Thursday (move-in day) so most of my stuff is now going to have to be laundered. On the upside, I have already scouted out the local Goodwill. And I have already found a pair of Prada shoes ($6), a real Louis Vuitton handbag with matching purse inside ($14) and a great piece of green furniture from HomeGoods($10) (as seen on top of my mini-fridge). Meanwhile, I checked out Belk just to kill some time before I had to go get my parking pass, and the one in Downtown Oxford is 10 times better than the one in Destin. Their sales were amazing and they had a wider selection to choose from. I can only assume it is because I am in the heart of the south up here, instead of the middle of a Tourist trap. I ended up getting some BCBG shoes, EuroSofft Heels ,and a Nine West Watch for all under $70.  The only downside to the University is that I have discovered that I do need to invest in a good pair of rain boots. Today it is again raining, and there is no such thing as a drizzle here.

[My side of the dorm room. Just a bed, fridge, and closet]
[The desk and the small shelves.]


[View from the 3rd floor window.]

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