New Year’s Resolutions

[I place my resolutions in a prominent spot on my desk so I always remember]

Last year P and I made resolutions individually and as a couple. I wrote them down on some Vera Bradley stationary and hung them up on the wall in his office near to the door. For 6 months, they were there for our friends, and family to see. It was hard to miss them since one would absentmindedly glance at the bright white against a red wall. We moved in July to an apartment and somewhere along the way lost the lists. I can remember one or two of the 15 resolutions we wrote down, but all the rest were lost for the rest of the year. I don’t want that to happen again this year, so I took some extra precautions to ensure they would not be lost in the mess again.

Here are my 5 Personal Resolutions for 2016, as well as P and my’s Couple Resolutions.


  1. Less selfish spending (a repeat from last year)
  2. Home Downsizing
  3. Fitness Routine
  4. Graduate School in NYC
  5. Practice writing more

As a Couple:

  1. Better Communication
  2. Cats and Plants First
  3. Better at Home behavior
  4. Go Greener
  5. Save to move to Brooklyn, NY in Summer 2016

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